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Starbucks 2022 Ocean Ice Anniversary Collection - China

Starbucks 2022 Ocean Ice Anniversary Collection - China

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NWT, Starbucks Ocean Ice Anniversary Collection China 2022

**SPECIAL NOTE** If I am sold out of something and you would like one, please reach out to me, I may still be able to get you one. It would just take 4-5 weeks to get in.**

1 - Sea Blue Split Mermaid Tail Ceramic Mug, 14oz

2 - Golden Siren Sea Blue Surf Siren Mug with Shell Muddler, 14oz

3 - **Sold out** Ceremony Stacked Scale Ceramic Mug, 14oz

4 - ** Sold Out** Ceremony Scale Glass Mug, 12oz

5 - ** Sold Out** Anniversary Sea Siren Double Walled Glass w/Confetti, 24oz

6 - Blue Ocean Siren Flip-Top Thermos Straw Bottle, 20oz

7 - Stanley Cracking Ocean Ice Stainless Steel Tumbler, 16oz

8 - Blue Ocean Screw Top Infuser Stainless Steel Bottle, 20oz

9 - **Sold Out** Double Blue Mermaid Tail Stainless Steel Confetti Lid Tumbler w/Leather Strap, 12oz

10 - **SOLD OUT** Contigo Sea Siren Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle, 20oz

11 - ** Sold Out** 3D Sea Blue Scale Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler with Compartment Lid, 20oz

12 - ** Sold Out** Glittery Pink Gradual Scale Tumbler, 24oz

14 - ** Sold Out**  Double Mermaid Tail Mug w/Ocean Waves Blue Coaster,

15 - Ocean Blue Bubble Tea Pot & Mug Set w/Serving Platter,

16 - ** Sold Out** Copper/White Teapot & Mug Set w/Copper Serving Tray

17 - Golden Siren White Mug w/Nautical Coaster, 7oz

Materials: Metal,Glass
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