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Starbucks Zodiac Constellation Mug & Tote Collection - 4th Generation, Taiwan

Starbucks Zodiac Constellation Mug & Tote Collection - 4th Generation, Taiwan

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NWT, Starbucks Constellation Zodiac Mugs & Totes. This is the 4th Generation of Zodiac Items released from Taiwan 2024. 

This collection is released throughout the year. When the months of the zodiac sign approaches, those zodiac mugs & totes will be added. 

Mugs - Black ceramic mug with a bronze medallion of the zodiac symbol & then in the reverse side is the zodiac sign.  

Totes - Black canvas tote with gold zodiac symbol & sign on one side & zodiac name on the reverse side. 


Currently Available, **In-stock & ready to ship from TX, USA**

Aquarius & Pisces 


Awaiting Release:

Aries & Taurus (March 2024)

Gemini & Cancer (May 2024)

Leo & Virgo (July 2024)

Libra & Scorpio (September 2024)

Sagittarius & Capricorn (November 2024)


**Pre-orders will ship within 3 business days after arrival of shipment. I verify the whole shipment before shipping anything out. I also do NOT oversale items. I actually list less quantities than what I have actually ordered. That way if any show up damaged, I have a spare to replace any pre-ordered items and do not have to cancel your order. Should everything show up perfectly, than I will add the "spare" quantities into the stock levels upon verification of the shipment.
**Pre-orders are only cancelable up to 72-hours after you place your order.

PLEASE NOTE *** With ALL overseas items - I pay for the product, my contact for getting it for me, shipping, customs and then platform fees. All of that is calculated into the cost.

Happy Collecting!

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