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Starbucks Sakura Taiwan Exclusives

Starbucks Sakura Taiwan Exclusives

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NWT, Starbucks Sakura Collection (1st Release) from 2023 Taiwan. The items listed below are exclusive to Taiwan, except the Thermos’. The Thermos’ are available in other Asian Pacific Countries. The mugs are ONLY available in Taiwan.

Items available are:

1 - Sakura Castle Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle, 20oz 

2 - Cherry Blossom Whispers Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle, 17oz

3 - Cherry Tree Swaying Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle, 14oz

4 - Gold Winged Sakura White Mug, 12oz

5 - Sakura Flying Pegasus w/Wing Handle Mug, 12oz

6 - Pink Cherry Blossom Blue Starry Night Sky Mug, 16oz

7 - Pink Cherry Blossom Country Day Mug, 16oz

8 - Cherry Blossom Whispering *Heat Resistant* Double Walled Glass, 11.5oz

9 - Blue 3D Pegasus Cherry Blossom Mug, 12oz

10 - Flying Cherry Blossom *Heat Resistant* Glass Mug w/Handle 14oz

11 - Sakura Pegasus/Angel Wing Demi Mug 3oz

12 -Cherry Blossom Elevated Base Mug, 12oz

13 - Pink 3D Pegasus Sakura Flying Handle Mug, 12oz

Materials: Ceramic,Metal,Glass,Plastic
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