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China's Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Collection

China's Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Collection

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NWT, Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival - China 2022

If I am out of something that you want, message me and I can see if I can still get you one. 

1 - Harvesting Squirrel Lid on Stump Mug, 13oz

2 - Wooden Stump Ceramic Teapot w/Squirrel Lid & Teacup

3 - Squirrel Tail Ceramic Mug w/Maple Leaf Coaster/Plate, 12oz

xx4xx - Fallen Leaf Glass Mug w/Stump Squirrel Coaster, 16oz.

5 - Squirrel & Fox, Hide & Seek Autumn Glass w/Straw, 18oz

6 - Rabbit Mushroom House Cup w/Straw, 12oz 

7 - Floating Leaves on Cream Stretch Squirrel Mug, 16oz

8 - Contigo Squirrel Ear Snack Box Plastic Water Bottle

9 - Autumn Champagne/Milky Tea Jeweled Tumbler, 24oz

10 -Maple Confetti Dome w/Straw on Milky Tea Gradient Stainless Steel Tumbler, 16oz

11 - Mid-Autumn Thermos Cute Bunny Multi-Top Cup Set Gift Box, 10oz

12- Forest Mushroom Shaped Glass Mug w/Lid, 14oz

13 - Mid-Autumn Chestnut SS Tumbler, 11oz

14 - Harvesting Squirrel Contigo Bottle w/Snack Lid, 14oz

15- Relief Maple Leaf Mug w/Squirrel Muddler, 12oz

16 - Mid-Autumn Cute Flip-top Thermos w/Shoulder Strap

17 - Lying Rabbit Double Head Thermos Bottle w/Strap

18 - Warm Autumn Tumbler w/Tan Tumbler Bag & Squirrel, 20oz

19 - Wood Grain Mug w/Squirrel Topper, 15oz

20 - Bunny in a Sweater Bearista Doll, 12"

21 - Wood Grain Tumbler, Notebook & Pen GIft Set, 12oz

22 - Maple Garland Stainless Steel Straw Cup, 13oz

23 - Golden Maple Leaf Flat Confetti Lid w/Leather Strap w/Squirrel Stainless Steel Tumbler, 12oz

24 - Tan HoneyComb Semi-Soft Touch Stainless Steel Tumbler w/Squirrel Straw, 16oz

Materials: Ceramic,Metal,Glass,Plastic,Silicone
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