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Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Raccoon & Rabbit Mugs

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Raccoon & Rabbit Mugs

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NWT, Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Raccoon & Rabbit Mugs - Taiwan 2022. Come on an adventure with these adorable raccoon & rabbit playing with the moon.

Sizes vary per mug please see see below. Descriptions & sizes.

**SPECIAL NOTE** On the Raccoon & Rabbit figures the point of contact from the glazing will be visible at certain angles. That is NOT a design flaw. It is the contact point that they used when they put the raccoon & rabbits in the kiln to hardened the enamel. It is not a chip out of the figure, it is how it was made & not returns will be made because of it.

1 - Botanical Fairies Chased by Racoon & Bunny on White Ceramic Mug, 14oz

2 - Racoon Raising the Moon White Starry Ceramic Mug, 12oz

3 - My Lunar Friends Racoon Sitting w/Moon & Rabbit Reaching on Side White Mug, 12oz

4 - Racoon Demi Mug w/Tail Handle, 3oz

5 - Bunny & Racoon Climbing on Yellow Moon Mug, 12oz

6 - Bunny & Racoon Twinkling Night Gray Ceramic Mug, 14oz

7 - White Bunny on Off-White Yarn Ball, 12oz

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Happy Collecting!
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