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Starbucks Bearista Diffuser/Humidifier Night Light

Starbucks Bearista Diffuser/Humidifier Night Light

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NWT, Starbucks Bearista Diffuser/Humidifier Night Light. Comes with a USB-C to USB-A cord. 


3.98" L x 4.49" W x 5.71" H 


1. Unscrew the lower body of the bear counterclockwise and add an appropriate amount of pure water into the water tank. 

2. When using or replacing the cotton wick for the first time, please soak both ends of the cotton wick in water. 

3. Connect the product to the USB power cord and power on. 

4. Spray Operating instructions: 

- 1 Press of button - Press button once to turn on the dark spray mode (Spray for seconds and stop for 2 seconds)

- 2 Presses of Button - Press button twice to turn on the breathing light effect and continue the spray mode

- 3 Presses of button - Press the button three times to turn on the night light mode (No Spray, only light effect). 

- 4 Presses of button - Press the button four times to shut down. 

5. This product has a water-free anti-dry function. When the water is used up or there is no water, the product will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the product. 

PLEASE NOTE *** With ALL overseas items - I pay for the product, my contact for getting it for me, shipping, customs and then platform fees. All of that is calculated into the cost.

Happy Collecting!

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